Frequently Asked Questions

How does the lottery work?

Each week your personal 6-digit lottery number (issued by Unity when you sign-up) is entered into a draw and the winning numbers are chosen at random.

You can purchase as many numbers as you wish (up to a maximum of 5) for £1 each, giving you even more chances to win a number of great prizes.

Any prizes you win are issued and sent directly to you; there’s no need for you to claim.

You can cancel at any time if you don’t want to remain in the draw.

How old do I have to be to enter?

You must be aged 18 or over to enter the lottery.

Can I choose my own lottery numbers?

Each Game Number is unique. A randomly selected Game Number will be issued to you with your confirmation of entry. 

You may subsequently request an alternative Game Number of your choosing at any time. Providing that it has not already been allocated to an existing member it will be issued to you.

How much does Family Fund make from each entry?

From each £1 lottery entry, Family Fund receives a minimum of 50%. The remaining 50% is split between covering administration costs (32%) and the prize fund (18%).

What are the odds of winning a prize?

The overall chance of winning any prize is 1 in 63, with the odds of each individual prize being:

  • £25,000 (6 digit number match): 1 in 1,000,000
  • £1,000 (5 digit number match): 1 in 18,518
  • £25 (4 digit number match): 1 in 823
  • 5 prize entries (3 digit number match): 1 in 69

Why is the price £4.34 per month per chance when paying by Direct Debit?

The monthly cost breakdown of £4.34 for playing the lottery is based on paying £1 per week over a 52 week year. As Direct debits are only collected once monthly, sometimes there will be five weeks in a month and the additional £0.34p is to build up credit to cover the fifth week on the five-week months.

How will I know if I’m in the draw?

Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome communication detailing your membership and lottery numbers. This communication will also tell you when you will begin being entered into the draw each week. 

You will continue to be entered into each weekly draw for as long as your account has sufficient credit for each of your lottery chances.

How will I know if I’ve won?

The draw takes place every Friday. Once it has taken place, winners are notified by post or email.

If you match 4 digits or more, you will be sent your winnings automatically, either directly into your bank (if playing by Direct Debit), or via a cheque sent in the post.

If you match 3 digits you will be sent an email to confirm your win and your temporary 5 prize entry lottery numbers for the following week's draw.

How do I self-exclude myself from entering the lottery?

If you feel you may be susceptible to gambling problems and would like to ask that you are excluded from the lottery, please download our form and follow the included instructions.

Unity (Sterling Management Centre Limited) or Family Fund will not target you with marketing material at any time during the self-exclusion. We will take steps to remove your name and details from any marketing databases used by ourselves. We will close any membership of an individual who has entered a self-exclusion agreement and return any funds held in your name. We have put into effect the following procedures to ensure that anyone who has self-excluded cannot gain access to the lottery:

  • A register of those excluded with appropriate records (name, address, lottery number, and any other appropriate comments).
  • Staff training to ensure that staff are able to recognise and enforce the system.
  • An individual must take positive action in order to self-exclude by way of a signature.
  • The self-exclusion period is a minimum of six months (giving members the option of extending this if they so wish)
  • The self-excluded member must take positive action to be removed from the self-exclusion and be able to enter the lottery at a future date.
  • Upon notification, the player will be given a one day cooling off period before being allowed access to the lottery.
  • The record of the self-exclusion will remain on file until the agreement has been formally ended.

I have more questions – how can I get in touch?

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the Family Fund Lottery, please get in touch at or on 01904 550033.


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